North Shore Soup Kitchen
"...Serving the Hungry & Homeless of Glen Cove..."
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What We Do

Soup Kitchen
The problem of hunger touches all ages, races, and nationalities, even on the North Shore of Long Island. The North Shore Soup Kitchen serves over 15,000 meals annually, including Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinners with all the trimmings. Regular meals are served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon to 1:00PM. Much of the food served is donated by individuals, schools, religious organizations, businesses and community groups. As government and social service cutbacks force people living on the brink to choose between shelter and food, more new faces appear at our soup kitchen every week. Here they receive a nutritious hot meal, served with respect and good cheer. For many of our guests who are lonely or homeless, the North Shore Soup Kitchen means more than a meal... it may be their only human contact in a day.

Support Services
The North Shore Soup Kitchen focuses on the causes of homelessness, empowering families to become self-sufficient. In addition to food, we offer help and support connecting our guests to various community services. The North Shore Soup Kitchen is a member of the Glen Cove Interagency Council. The North Shore Soup Kitchen volunteer Advocates can direct guests to a wealth of government and community resources. These may include social services, legal help, housing, education, senior activities, parenting and youth programs, as well as medical, mental health, and veterans' programs.